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Friday, November 09, 2007

The Right Time

Uncertainty persists on the economy. The price of oil is approaching $100 a barrel.

Big questions loom regarding tax, regulatory, energy, environmental, monetary, property rights, technology and spending policies.

All of this is critical to the entrepreneurial sector of our economy.

For good measure, throw into the mix the presidential and congressional campaigns that promise to dominate the headlines for the coming year. What will the candidates have to say about small business issues?

Therefore, it's the right time to re-launch SBE Council's blog -- the BusinessTrends Blog.

Here is the place to wrestle with the issues important to entrepreneurs and small businesses.


Anonymous said...

Hello chief economic guru Ray. It seems economic news is all over the place. According to a weekly economic report on today, retail sales are sluggish, gas prices are soaring, but jobless claims are down, worker productivity is up, and labor costs are down. Also, seems the economy grew at a decent clip last month. WHAT IS GOING ON? Is the economy moving up, down or sideways?
An ardent admirer

Raymond J. Keating said...

Anonymous asked: What is going on with the economy -- up, down or sideways? Anonymous is right that you can pick an indicator to support your view. I'm in the "sideways" camp with some real concerns looking ahead on the policy front -- including taxes, trade and the dollar.