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Thursday, June 19, 2008

HSAs: The Right Health Coverage Fit For You?

According to America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), there are 6.1 million health savings accounts (HSA) set up in the United States. Small businesses, in particular, have been drawn to HSA plans as 31 percent that have opted for this coverage were previously without insurance. So -- is the HSA option a good fit for you?

At a House congressional hearing on HSAs last month, a Harvard professor essentially testified that most Americans were too dim to own a HSA. Are you? There are plenty of resources available for you to help make that decision.

Roy Ramthun (“Mr. HSA”) has announced that in addition to his FREE booklet – “The Common Sense Guide to HSAs” – that he recently released (it can be downloaded at he has also published a Spanish version of the guide – “Manual de sentido común Cuentas de Ahorros para la Salud.” Both of the guides are designed to help consumers better understand HSAs. There is a fee for the Spanish version.

In addition to basic information about HSAs, the guides explain how HSAs compare to traditional health insurance, and how to determine whether a HSA is right for an individual or family.

Ramthun is also hosting a one hour HSA webinar on Wednesday, June 25th at 12:00 noon ET (11:00 am CT, 10:00 am MT, 9:00 am PT) to explain the new IRS guidance on IRA-to-HSA rollovers and account funding issues. The webinar will provide an opportunity for Q&A. The cost of the webinar is $35. To sign up, visit For those who attend the webinar, the Spanish version of the guide book will be sent FREE of charge.

Many small business owners that we talk to say that HSAs are an affordable, flexible option to traditional health coverage. Employees also love them as they have more choice in the health and medical marketplace. They also serve as another vehicle for saving money. Millions of Americans are jumping on the HSA bandwagon. Check it out to see if it makes sense for you, or your business.

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