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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

What's Next for Small Business from Washington?

At a November 4 media briefing at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., SBE Council joined an influential group of small business leaders to discuss what the election results mean for America's entrepreneurs. We hosted this "Small Business Post-Election Briefing," and it was a great success!

In my opening comments, I reported on the general "sense of relief" expressed by many of our small business members who say that the outcome of the elections will bring some balance to Capitol Hill and hopefully restore some confidence within the business community. I said Congress must address critical and unresolved issues such as expiring tax relief; the market wreckage that is quickly unfolding as a result of the new health care law; regulatory hyperactivity in federal government departments and agencies; and out-of-control spending that will surely destroy U.S. competitiveness and prosperity if something is not quickly done to turn off the spending spigot.

Our other fantastic panelists -- Harry Alford, President & CEO, National Black Chamber of Commerce; Allen Guitierrez, Executive Director, The Latino Coalition; John Palatiello, President, Business Coalition for Fair Competition; and Kelly Scanlon, Chair, National Association of Women Business Owners -- echoed my remarks, and shared their own concerns about health care, federal government procurement, excessive government spending, taxes, the growing regulatory burden and more.

If you would like to view the "Small Business Post-Election Briefing," you may do so by visiting this link and downloading the video.

The event is one hour long, but goes very quickly and there was a lively Q&A period!

The 2010 elections were all about jobs and the economy. The role of small business is critical in getting America back to work. That was the message shared by participants in the briefing and what Congress and President Obama must do to spur hiring, investment and confidence in the small business sector.

Karen Kerrigan, President & CEO, SBE Council

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